What is Forge?

Forge is a community for innovators.


Where did it come from?

Forge was a concept started in 2007 to create a central information hub, both online through ForgeHQ.com and offline through local events, initially targeting the startup communities throughout “Middle America.”



The premise was that in the US we have a large group of the population acting in and around entrepreneurship, but as a whole this community remains ambiguous.


To get the best picture of the community, you can travel to any of the hotbed cities for startups and immediately you will notice an energy. Local coffee shops brim with young college grads chatting about the next big thing. You can check out Techcrunch.com, Xconomy.com or others to find out whats going on. Or if that fails there are always events and meetups for people to get involved. This interconnectedness further fuels the vibrancy of the community.


Outside of those areas, like in Louisville or throughout “Middle America,” there are still lots of entrepreneurs and many with amazing ideas, but they all reside in silos within their own cities. As a result, for those outside of the community it can hard to get involved. Furthermore, those in the entrepreneurial communities lose out to the added “alpha” that can occur through the free exchange of ideas and people that occur in the hotbeds.


Forge is an attempt to correct both of these issues by acting a central hub to turn to for local entrepreneurial news and information, but also as a collaborative environment to bring together these silos. We are launching first in Louisville, KY and the surrounding regions, but hope to take Forge to cities across the US.


Who should be part of Forge?

Forge targets: entrepreneurs, financiers, vendors (such as lawyers and accountants), students, and anyone else that has a desire to create change.


What’s our goal?

We want to:

  • Facilitate collaboration online and offline
  • Provide inspiring content and be a mouthpiece for our community
  • Act as a vehicle for our members to forge transformative ideas or innovations


How can I get involved?

Ultimately, this community is only as strong as our members. So sign up and make a profile. Have something inspiring to tell others? We want to hear it, so feel free to blog. Finally, check out events in your area, and come meet community members face-to-face.


Other Questions? 

If you have any other questions feel free to drop our Chief Organizer a line via charles@forgehq.com.